TekAxiom Security Commitment

TekAxiom is aware of the importance of protecting the information assets of customers and other parties. We handle and formulate an information security policy that acts as a foundation for building an information security management system which provides a mechanism to achieve this objective. All personnel engaged in its operations comply with the regulations on this information security management system. The regulations are enforced and maintained, and their operation status is audited to continuously improve the system.

1. Commitment to Information Security

With an understanding that ensuring information security is one of the most critical tasks of management, TekAxiom will ensure that every person engaged in its operations will be committed to it.

2. Information Security Policy

To build an information security management system aimed at protecting information assets, TekAxiom will set out an information security policy that serves as a foundation for the system. It will comply with it and continuously review it to improve its services.

3. Protection of Information Assets

TekAxiom will institute appropriate management measures according to the state of individual operations to unfailingly protect information assets from any threat to its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

TekAxiom will comply with applicable laws and regulations, other rules and contractual requirements in order to ensure information security.

5. Education and Training

TekAxiom will offer education and training to personnel engaged in its operations in order to improve their awareness of information security and familiarize them with the information security policy.

6. Prevention of Accidents and Actions

TekAxiom will run its information security management system to ensure that every single employee works to prevent information security accidents from occurring. Should an accident take place, we will swiftly implement appropriate actions, including those for preventing recurrence.

7. Auditing

TekAxiom will regularly audit the operation of its information security management system and carry out remedial actions as needed to maintain information security.

8. Continuous Improvement

Every year we set information security goals, define and plan activities to achieve those objectives, then, according to periodical review results, set the following year’s goals. In addition, we regularly evaluate and review our Information Security Policy, its related internal regulations and our management system, pursuing continuous improvement of information security.

Information Security

At TekAxiom, we’re committed to keeping your accounts and personal information as secure as possible. Our online systems use various methods, tools, and processes to accomplish this, including:

Encryption: Once you begin the login process, the exchange of information over the Internet is encrypted. This means the information is scrambled in such a way that it cannot be read by anyone other than you and TekAxiom.

Automatic Logoff: If no action is taken for a preset interval, your session will be automatically terminated, and you will be logged off.

Authentication: Some systems may require enhanced authentication from time to time to verify a user’s credentials or activity.

Dual approval: Some systems may require one individual to initiate an action or workflow and a second individual to approve it.

Constant Monitoring: We monitor our systems to prevent any potential problems that could compromise security or privacy.

Independent testing

TekAxiom engages external security vendors to test our products both during and post-development. The testing uses the industry standard practices for security and data privacy, which provides:

application developers and application owners to assess the degree of trust that can be placed in our online products; and

guidance to our product engineers about building security controls to satisfy application security requirements.

World class partners

TekAxiom partners with world class suppliers who provide key infrastructure and services, such as monitoring for suspicious activity, physical security, server and power redundancy, and built-in firewalls:

Microsoft Azure production platform hosted in the USA.

For details about Security, Privacy, and Compliance in Microsoft Azure, please visit here.

Microsoft Azure audits are performed as per https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/trust-center/compliance/compliance-overview

Amazon Web Services production platform hosted in the USA

For details about Security, Privacy, and Compliance in Amazon Web Services, please visit here.

Amazon Web Services audits are performed as per https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/